An example of a 15-Day trip to Cambodia

Day 1 – Depart Australia in the Morning and arrive in Phnom Penh that same evening. Transfer to hotel accommodation and have dinner there.

Day 2 –  A full day city tour of Phnom Penh, taking in the Royal Palace, Toul Sleng Museum and the Killing Fields. Dinner at a restaurant on the riverside.

Day 3 – Take our private bus up to Krang Lovea, around 90 minutes, to settle into our new accommodation at the Child Rescue Centre and see the build site. Meet the kids and staff of the CRO and have a welcome dinner

Day 4 – Our first morning at CRO we will have a chance to join the early morning exercise routine before breakfast. The first day on site will have us form a plan and break into teams and the day will involve finishing all necessary construction. Lunch will be at the centre each day and we will stop work in the afternoon and have time before dinner to shower and help out around the centre.

Day 5 – Focusing on Painting the interiors

Day 6 – Finish the Interiors and start painting the outside

Day 7 – Finish painting the outside

Day 8 – Assemble and install the furniture

Day 9 – Add all the books and finish the library

Day 10 – Install all doors and windows

Day 11 – Any final finishing touches, clean the worksite and have a farewell party with CRO

Day 12 – A full day at the Angkor Wat temples seeing Bayon, Angkor Thom and Watching the sunset over Angkor Wat

Day 13 – Another morning at the temples seeing Ta Prohm. Have an afternoon off at the hotel before dinner in town and a chance to walk around the night markets

Day 14 – Have a morning to relax around the hotel pool, can venture out to do some final shopping before flying out of Siem Reap Airport in the evening.

Day 15 – Arrive back in Sydney International Airport in the Morning