The International Brothers and Sisters House is a not for profit organization founded in Australia in July 2014.

Active in Nepal and Tanzania, their mission is to work for the relief of poverty, suffering and sickness in Nepal and Tanzania assisting with low cost housing and education for underprivileged youths, improving HIV medication accessibility and working on building projects.

The International Brothers & Sisters House has three clear objectives:

To work for the relief of poverty by providing low cost housing to underprivileged youth affected by poverty in Tanzania and Nepal. We provide an education, a safe environment and community based activities to disadvantaged young people to help them gain skills in life.

To work for the relief of sickness by forming strong partnerships with local government agencies in Tanzania to assist in providing better HIV medication for sick and underprivileged children.

To work for the relief of suffering in collaboration with foundations in Nepal and Tanzania to construct homes for the disadvantaged and schools for the uneducated.