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Mount Kilimanjaro – The Facts

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  • Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, one of the 7 summits and the highest free standing mountain in the world.
  • The Summit is called Uhuru Peak and stands at 5898m.
  • The first ascent recorded was by German geologist Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller in October 1889. A local man called Lauwo has been recognised by some as also being involved in the first successful ascent.
  • The fastest round trip to the summit and back is held by the Swiss mountain runner Karl Engloff who did it in 6 hours and 42 minutes in August of 2014.
  • The youngest person to summit the mountain is American Keats Boyd, a 7 year old! He managed this on January 21 2008 and somehow managed to avoid the minimum age rule
  • Robert Wheeler is the oldest person to summit at 85 years and 201 days old on the 2nd October 2014. Breaking the record of husband and wife Martin and Esther Kafer. Esther holds the record for the oldest woman. It is claimed that Frenchman Valtee Daniel summited at age 87 however there is no independent documentation to verify this.
  • The world’s highest cricket match was played at the crater camp of Mount Kilimanjaro in September 2014.