Trek for Change offers all inclusive, unique and outcome driven international excursions for school groups.

Each trek focuses on delivering a project for the International Brothers and Sisters House, an Australian based registered charity, working for the relief of poverty, sickness and suffering of children in Tanzania, Nepal and Cambodia. Trek for Change school adventures are an unforgettable cultural experience where all involved are immersed in the local community, whilst completing their charitable project.

Experienced Trek for Change team members manage the entire process including communicating with the school, students and parents, managing all travel and meal arrangements and providing extensive information and documentation.  The Trek for Change team member who you meet with at the start of the discussion will be the person who not only travels with you, but also manages your entire journey.

Driven by a commitment to make a difference, the Trek for Change team will help you deliver every aspect of your adventure for a cause.

In December 2016 Trek for Change will be taking a group of 14 students to Arusha, Tanzania to build a new classroom for 45 students in our continuation to the building of Jitihada Primary School. The students will complete the building project, while being immersed in Tanzanian culture. The group stays in fully secure, private dormitory accommodation with private cooks and cleaners and finishes their Tanzanian adventure with a safari through incredible national parks.

Take a look at examples of itineraries in each country we currently operate in. Tanzania, Nepal and Cambodia