Nepal Ride 2017

Kevin – ‘It definitely was the adventure of a lifetime’

Kirk – ‘I have been able to learn and grow’

Glen – ‘Absolutely fantastic…it’s been an amazing trip’

Leif – ‘A really special 6 days that I really recommend that people do…I’ll have these memories forever’

Alex – ‘A fantastic week, pretty tough at times but we’ve all enjoyed that challenge’

Dylan – ‘We have a strong bond now we’ve gone through the last 6 days together, really magical experiences that we’ve shared’


Kirk – 

‘The inaugural 2017 Trek for Change ride was a physically achievable task spread over 6 days, yet it was a mentally demanding undertaking that has solidified my personal mental stamina with the realization that I am able to undertake and complete what may seem like an insurmountable task, on my return to Australia and daily life this has been extremely nourishing for the soul.
This realization was brought about and encouraged by the wonderful team and staff of Trek for Change who ensured I was left wanting for nothing on my ride. Thus giving me the tools to achieve such an undertaking.
Since undertaking the 2017 Trek for Change I have found that my self confidence, happiness and physical stamina has vastly improved, for this reason I have no apprehension in advising  any person to join the next Trek for Change, confident in the knowledge that the Trek for Change staff WILL ensure you succeed.
The path of self learning from Trek for Change did not stop at personal growth, the location setting of Nepal and the Nepalese people has made me realize the wealth and opportunists that are afforded to developed countries is uncountable. This observation with the interactions of the most happiest Nepalese people has made me thankful for what I have and made me lose an anxiousness for what I do not have that others may have. I believe this is a realization that could only be formed by undertaking such a mentally challenging peregrination, in such a wonderful corner of the globe as Trek for Change, Nepal. ‘
Kevin – 
I went into this experience with an open mind, looking for a challenge and for a sense of purpose outside of my everyday life and work. What I got out of it was worth so much than I could have ever imagined and for that I am so thankful and humbled. The cycle is there to challenge yourself in more ways than one and true to this adventure there were times throughout the cycle that not only tested me physically and mentally but emotionally. Despite the sheer beauty of Nepal that you would encounter in each town visited, like many developing countries it is a far cry from the comfortable modern day living of countries such as Australia.
Thus, I would implore you to take that leap and go on that adventure of a lifetime, it is truly life changing.
Glen – 
A challenging, yet extremely rewarding experience. Nepal is truly an amazing country, full of the most kind hearted people. To help support the kids of IBSH whilst taking all of this in an opportunity of a lifetime. IBSH are impacting lives in such a profound way and it’s an honour to be a part of it.